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BBB Fic "Against the Works of the Flesh" BONUS MATERIALS

"Against the Works of the Flesh!
by happilyappled for bandombigbang

Masterpost on LJ.
(including massive Author's Notes.)

Full story at AO3.

FANMIX: Untitled by eflorentino
Download at Mediafire.

01. Stranger In A Strange Land - 30 Seconds To Mars
02. Blessed With A Curse - Bring Me The Horizon
03. The Shake (Awful Feeling) - My American Heart
04. Playing God - Paramore
05. Up All Night - Blink 182
06. Revelations - Iron Maiden
07. Ask - The Smiths
08. The Scientist - Coldplay
09. The Pretender - Foo Fighters
10. Can't Stop - Maroon 5
11. Mary-Christ - Sonic Youth
12. Catholic Knees - Taking Back Sunday
13. The Secret Goldfish - Pencey Prep
14. Son Of A Gun - Bruce Dickinson
15. Bright Lights - Placebo

This mix is fabulous. And while I rarely pay attention to mixes, it was really exciting to listen to this one. Not only it had some of my favorite songs, it also suits the feelings that I put into my story. This portrays the feelings and thoughts explained in this story in a gorgeous way and I couldn't be happier about it! Thank you so much for making such a wonderful mix! <3

FANART: Untitled by sparklefap

Honestly, I think sparklefap made a wonderful job! This piece is simple but SO CUTE and pretty as well. I cannot complain about this. I love it, particularly their facial expressions and how they're close but Frank is trying to move away because it's AWKWARD to feel like that. It's awesome! Thank you so much for taking the time with my story! <3
Tags: art, bandom, bigbang:bandom, frank iero, gerard way, priest!gerard, virgin!frank
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