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BBB Fic "Against the Works of the Flesh" MASTERPOST

Title: "Against the Works of the Flesh"
Author: happilyappled
Band/Pairings: MCR - Frank/Gerard
Word count: ~63k
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: MM sex, opinions on religion, monologues; also slight homophobic behavior from minor characters.

Summary: Frank Iero is the gay teenager who, after coming out to his Catholic family, faces trouble in finding himself and fitting in. He will find himself, though, through Father Way.

Author's Notes:
kuriositet is the most wonderful person in the world. A rather talented writer yourself and a spectacular beta, you worked on this story with a fierce passion and I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. You had to tear the rough draft to pieces, and made me feel like a really bad writer a few times, but it was definitely worth it. I am SO PROUD of this story from the way I worked on it so fucking hard for MONTHS and in the end, you used your magical powers to make it all better. There is no better feeling in the world than being appreciated to the point that others want our stories to be much more perfect than the way we built them. Therefore, I praise you for the amazing job! Thank you so much, bb, I'll love you forever ♥♥♥

fierda is the fastest beta I have ever met. THANK YOU for your wonderful job and for being available to do this for me in such short notice. You're absolutely outstanding and you've been there for me for so long. It's crazy, but I'm happy to be your friend and to have you over there, in the other half of the world, correcting my biggest mistakes and helping me grow up as a writer. Thank you, hun, I love you very much ♥♥

And also, a huge THANK YOU to Megan, Muranda and Lauryn. You have supported me and listened to my flailing all along and you never got tired of it. And you were there with me when I got my "Art and Mix" e-mail from the mods and I am so glad you were, because otherwise I wouldn't have been able to SLEEP with all that excitement in my heart. I have a lot of gratitude to express towards you, for the massive enthusiasm and all the kind words. I love y'all ♥

And finally, a major shoutout to the bandombigbang Mods. This is my first experience with BBB and I feel very blessed. I worked my ass off and in the end, the way your worked hard as well to put this into motion, and to grant us all a good experience with BBB 2012, has made everything even more exciting. Thank you for keeping BBB alive this year! <3

This story discusses religious themes and mostly everything was thoroughly researched here, here, here and here.

Full story at AO3.

Bonus Materials:
One piece by sparklefap

One Mix by eflorentino
Tags: bandom, bigbang:bandom, fanfiction, frank iero, gerard way, my chemical romance, priest!gerard
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