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Fanfiction Masterlist!


"Candy Camera"
01: Gerard has a camera and loves his art.
02: Frank and Bob seem to be his victims...
03: but are they?

"Playing God"
Michael Way is a believer. The Way clan and God made him that way.
#01., #02., #03., #04., #05

Gerard's a mechanic when he's free. Frank's his horny boyfriend all the time.
9 stories on AO3.

christmasbang 2011 - MCR: Frank/Gerard. "Through These Years"
bandomreversebb 2012 - PATD: Brendon/Spencer. "Stalking The Insomniacs"

Frank has been playing Leathermouth shows for over five years, but nobody has ever angered him like that chubby photographer.
"No Chub, No Fun" [also on AO3]

Frank Iero gets Geena Way pregnant and she carries a lot of surprises.

Do you want to find out what a nymphomaniac Frank can do with his boyfriend?
"Fatal Fetishes"

My Erika with her windy yellow hair. Featuring Gerard Way.
"A Story for Erika's Day"

Frank's impatient. Gerard's coming!
"Glass Christmas"

Ray finds a man that explains to him what happens there.
"This New Dimension"

Don't you want to know what Gerard Way has been hiding for so long?
"Gerard Way is not who you think"

Gerard hates Mikey, and Mikey hates Gerard. It's been ten years since it happened.
"You'll Die for your Sins"

The last time Gerard talked, his mother was killed.
"Echoes in Paper"

There was a stranger lying on Gerard's bed.

The really amazing blowjob from Frank that Gerard has been waiting for ages!
"The Promise"
Sequel: There are memories that take you to Heaven. Others take you to a desk fantasy.
"Desk Fantasy"

Gerard is locked in a blankness that turned him insane.

Gerard loves to draw. Frank is his muse.
"My broccoli on your canvas"

Frank/Gerard spend a very special moment together...
"On Tango Street"

"Baby Love". Secret couple expecting their first baby.
"Baby Love"

My story about politicians.
"And after the storm come his first steps in Politics."

My story including goats.
"What can you remember, girl, what can you recall..."

My story about tooth fairies.
"The New World Where Fairies Are Men"

My disapproving Gerard.
"Still Tomorrow to kiss Bob"

It was only a boy, but oh, what a boy.
"Such Short Memories for the Years to Come"

Frank/Gerard, and a bunch of rainbow creatures are involved in a robbery.
"The Rainbow Hunt"

Italian!Frank being lovely. Artsy!Gerard being creepy.
"Tattoed Boy From Italy"

Asshole!Frank and Brazilian!Gerard.
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